How to Prevent a Lung Infection?

Lung infection is an infection that affects the lung area. The infection is usually caused by bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The infection will disturb the respiratory process, cause a non-stop flu and non-stop cough. There are also some incidents that lung infection causes pain in the chest area.

Usually, people who had lung infections will cure themselves in a week. If not, the infection is strong and needs attention from the doctor. Lung infection will give more effect on the body if the body has low immunity. For some people, it may cause death. The research found that thousands of people die from lung infections.

Bacteria, viruses or fungi that cause lung infection usually come from polluted air, water, low cleanliness rate and infection from other people. In the beginning, lung infection only affects minor health problems like flu and cough. When lung infection occurs for a long time, the body will suffer more major health problems like low oxygen levels in the body and breathing problems.

Like any infection, a lung infection can be prevented. There are a few ways how to prevent lung infection.

Eat healthily

Lung infection will become stronger if our body had a low level of immunity. Practising a healthy diet can help boost the body immunity. Eat vary of vegetables and fruit every day. Make it a habit to eat fruit and vegetables during lunch or dinner.

Keep distance from the smoker

Cigarette smoke contains a lot of hazardous chemicals. If your lung exposes to cigarette smoke for a long time, a lung infection is easy to happen. Keep distance from a smoker or stop smoking if you are a smoker.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Deep breathing exercise

Deep breathing can bring a lot of health benefits to the body. It will help the mind to release stress. Deep breathing also will help your body to exchange oxygen better. Do 10 to 15 minutes of breathing exercise daily to build strong lungs. By having a strong lung, the risk of having lung infection will be decreased.

Always keep clean

Always wash your hand and keep your house clean. Bacteria are your enemy if you want to prevent lung infection. Lung infection is easy to occur if you live in a dirty environment. Besides that, brush your teeth twice daily. Bacteria are easy to reproduce in dirty mouths. If you lack brushing your teeth, bacteria will easy to reproduce. As a result, lung infection is easy to occurs.

Always act smart

Don’t go to a place that has air pollution. Always keep a distance from a dirty place. Reduce your exposure to a dirty environment as much you can. Wearing a mask when walking beside heavy traffic to avoid dirty air.

Control your stress level

There is research that concludes a high level of stress will increase the risk of having a lung infection. Stress will make your body hard to breathe and lower your body immunity. Learn how to deal will stress and don’t make stress ruin your life.

Exercise three times a week

Exercise like running and aerobic will make your lungs become stronger. Remember, being physically active will make your lung healthier.

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