How Do We Get Rid of Menstrual Cramps?

The pain can keep you in bed for at least the first few days. They can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, the face can get a sickly pallor, your hands tremble and sweat. All are part of the unbearable manifestations, sometimes, of the menstrual cycle. How could women get rid of them and turn these days into bearable ones?

Hormonal disorders can appear from adolescence and go beyond menopause. One of the most damaging, due to persistent pain, is dysmenorrhea. In other words, painful menstruation. So capricious that even classical medicine, if there is no organic cause, has little to do with it.

Located either in the lower abdomen or in the lumbar area, the pain can be of different
intensities, accompanied by malaise, which prevents you, at least for the first two days, to function at full capacity.

The causes of dysmenorrhea must be determined by the doctor

Specialists divide dysmenorrhea into two: primary, when there are hormonal imbalances, without an organic cause, and secondary, when the gynecologist detects the existence of a condition in the ovaries or uterus, such as endometriosis, one of the main causes of infertility.

Also in this category are uterine fibroids or congenital anomalies. Therefore, a visit to the doctor is imperative, to know exactly the cause of the deep discomfort that sometimes occurs even a few days before the arrival of menstruation.

Watch out for food!

Once we know the causes, we can also identify how to attract our well-being. The first step is nutrition. A few days before the onset of the menstrual cycle and throughout it, it is good to eliminate coffee, black tea, spices, and alcoholic beverages, all of which are considered pain enhancers. They can be replaced with assorted salads, carrot juices, spinach, beets, parsley.

Good remedies to follow

Natural treatments should not be forgotten either. With one condition: the treatment scheme to be personalized. Some women experience pain with heavy menstrual flow. You can make local applications with thyme, warm pillow on the abdomen with thyme or chamomile.

Poultices with volatile oil of anise, chamomile, juniper, sage, or rosemary greatly reduce pain.

Natural anti-inflammatory drugs can also be used with confidence. Curcumin, curcumin with piperine, for better absorption of curcumin with Meriva, which has a very good bioavailability are remedies worth considering, which bring us great benefits.

Therefore, the menstrual period can pass easily and without problems, if the steps are followed correctly. A few minutes of exercise, light exercise does not hurt, as some people tend to believe. On the contrary. However, baths with hot water should be avoided. It would only stimulate the intensity of menstrual flow and even pain. The use of internal tampons is also contraindicated

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