Allergies vs Viruses: How To Recognize and Treat Them?

When you have a cold, even when we are talking about a simple virus, the general condition deteriorates quite significantly. You concentrate harder, you get poor oxygen, your eyes water, and your throat hurts. It’s understandable why you’re more irascible, especially since sometimes you can’t even rest the way you need to. Well, now imagine that people with allergic rhinitis have similar symptoms. In these cases, the difference is that the symptoms do not pass in a few days with paracetamol. Sometimes it continues throughout the year and is reactivated from a simple bouquet of flowers, a strong scent in the subway or in the cinema, a more intense detergent, and a walk in the park. And the list could go on.

Allergies vs Viruses: What is important to remember?

There are seasonal allergies and perennial allergies. The seasonal ones are mainly manifested in spring and autumn, and the perennial ones give us headaches all year round. The latter is less aggressive than the former and is given by the presence of pollutants, and various allergens that we undergo regardless of the season. Experience teaches us that seasonal allergies are not maintained exclusively during these seasons. Climate change has caused various plants to have delayed pollination times.

Although they have completely different mechanisms, colds and allergies have relatively similar symptoms. In case of allergies, we face repetitive sneezing, several days in a row, and itching in the nose and eyes. The nose flows and watery rhinorrhea occurs. Then the nose becomes clogged, most of the time and the nasal secretions drain down the throat. Then the throat mucosa becomes irritated, and there is a sensation of sore throat and an irritating and dry cough. Repeated itching and sneezing do not occur in viral infections. It is also very unlikely that an allergy will lead to loss of taste and smell, as is the case with viral or bacterial infections.

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During periods of recovery and the fight against viruses and infections, rest comes first. If we rest, an illness passes much faster.

Sputum cough can have two sources. Sputum can come from the lungs or upper respiratory tract, nose and sinuses. If we have allergic rhinitis and fail to eliminate the allergen, then the secretions will persist, in different amounts.

Allergic reactions can be caused by classic allergens, such as pollen from seasonal allergies. More and more people are developing rejection reactions to pollution, various chemicals, and industrial allergens. Antiallergic treatment helps us get over the acute periods, but it has no healing role. It only works as long as it is consumed.

Cough accompanies both allergies and viruses. Sometimes cough occurs as a result of digestive disorders – gastroesophageal reflux disease. Gastric acid irritates the airways when it returns from the stomach. Another cause of cough, less known, is given by the consumption of different types of drugs. Of the type of treatments for hypertension, cardiovascular or oncological diseases.

Our body is warm, it has 36 degrees. If we stay in the cold, the mucous membranes become inflamed and are more prone to various viral and bacterial infections. Therefore, the time spent in the air conditioning, at too low temperatures, is extremely harmful to our bodies.

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