5 Benefits of Listening to Music for Mental Health

In addition to maintaining physical health, a person’s mental health also needs to be maintained properly. Do not let every day we always experience problems in our own health. Feeling healthy every day is everyone’s desire to be able to feel the name of happiness in life. In talking about mental health, people will usually do many things such as listening to music, sports, meditation, yoga and counselling with a psychiatric doctor.

As often as people who are experiencing stress, anxiety or want to just relax, then they will immediately listen to music that can make them relaxed and enjoy. Listening to music is fairly easy to do, especially in this day and age, which can be said almost everyone already has a smartphone. So whenever and wherever they can easily listen to the music they like.

There are some great benefits for everyone who likes to listen to music to maintain his mental health, among others.

Remembering the pleasant memories of the past.

Music that used to be heard can make the mind relaxed and relaxed again. Usually listening to music memories from the past that we like, will bring us a pleasant atmosphere and in the end can relieve stress and burdens of thoughts that have been buried. Of course, it is very suitable for the elderly who want to go back to the previous era, namely by listening to songs from an era when they were young.

Create a sense of pleasure from hearing it.

Of course, almost everyone likes to listen to music to relax. But the fact that listening to music can bring the feeling of being happy again. A study of experts conducted a trial that told volunteers to listen to music they liked and the results seemed to be happier.

Helps relieve headaches.

In addition to feeling pleasant and comfortable, then people who are feeling headaches, then he listens to music, then it can make their headache subside. Music can stimulate the brain to be able to think clearly again. Many people whose heads hurt due to high levels of stress and the burden of thoughts that accumulate, look reduced due to listening to music.

Therapy to help with depression.

Depression can be said to be one type of mental disorder that can harm anyone and no exception himself. Feeling hopeless and not having life expectancy are traits of someone suffering from depression. Listening to music that is preferred can make the pain of depression begin to decrease and can be one of the best therapies for people with depression in the healing process.

Helps smooth blood circulation to the brain.

Not only feel happy but then listening to music can also make blood circulation smoother and avoid mental pain. People who have many thoughts most likely can easily suffer from stress, therefore music can be a good means to avoid the burden of the stress on the mind and also make blood circulation smoother.

At the time of the current coronavirus pandemic, many people are used to it at home, just to listen to music to make themselves not bored. Try to listen to music that can make us excited again and avoid also music that even makes us sad a kind of romantic music that is very upset.

So many articles about the benefits of listening to music to be able to maintain mental health well every day. Good luck.

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