6 Dangers of Staying Up Late for Health

Sleeping enough can make a person awake stamina and the next day, then the body can be refreshed. Sleep activities are mandatory activities, especially at night. People who lack sleep then there will be many disorders of problems with the health of the body and mental. A lot of people who like to sleep late at night, especially those who often stay up late, then if always accustomed to the person can easily get sick.

If you are a worker, then to be able to keep yourself from sleepiness should be able to get used to sleeping at night. Just look around us from people who often stay up late, then the look on his face looks pale and lacks of spirit in his life.

Here are some kinds of dangers that can attack if a person often stays up late every day, namely.

The a great risk of heart disease.

Staying up late that is often done can make the heart organ unhealthy. Because rare sleep can make blood flow less smooth and eventually blood does not flow properly to be supplied throughout the body. The fact shows from a trial conducted by experts that about 11% of people are most likely to get heart disease if their sleep time is reduced to one hour every day.

The body can be obese.

Obesity in most people in this world could be caused because they often stay up late at night. So when it is late at night, then most likely someone who stays up late will feel hungry and eager to eat food. So it is certain that he often eats at night, which can make him experience problems with his weight. The body will experience weight gain because the body’s metabolism is disrupted.

Prone from emotional disorders to depression.

People who rarely sleep can be seen with emotional disorders such as mood likes to go up and down, excessive anxiety, stress to depression. Chemicals in the brain that should be able to work properly will soon be disrupted because the body is awake. If you are always accustomed to staying up late often, it can make a person suffer from depression.

Sudden death.

Have you ever heard of a disease called the sitting wind? One of the diseases that can make people die suddenly. For people who like to stay up late then brain health and blood circulation will be disrupted, which makes the blood stops flowing and cause the heart to stop beating. There is already evidence that people who like to stay up late than 30% of themselves will experience high blood pressure that eventually leads to death.

Often feel headaches.

A person’s brain should be in good oxygen supply and of course the best air to breathe is in the morning. So often a person in staying up late, of course, it will be difficult to wake up in the morning which makes oxygen in the brain reduced and can damage the brain. The pain every day will be felt by someone who often stays up late. Not only the head that hurts, but later the neck will experience pain.

Lowers the immune system.

Always awake every night can make the body become susceptible to disease. Because cells that should be able to regenerate properly by the body while asleep, become unable, which eventually makes the immune system decrease.

It seems trivial and especially for people who are used to waking up at night, then it is certain to be able to feel dangerous diseases such as heart, insomnia, high blood pressure to sudden death.

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