6 Foods That Contain High Vitamin D

The food consumed should be able to make the body meet the needs of vitamins and nutrients, so that the body can move well and smoothly without any disruption to health problems. There are many foods that contain protein, vitamins, nutrients and nutrients needed by the body, which we must consume every day.

So do not be careless in eating various foods that enter the body. Because carelessly eating food, it can have a bad impact on a person’s health. Now I would love to give some types of foods, especially those that contain high vitamin D, which is perfect for those of you who want to avoid bone problems and boost your immune system.

Especially during the pandemic covid-19 outbreak that a person must have high endurance, in order to make his body become immune to the attack of any disease. There are many victims who fall due to the covid-19 virus and it is time we can multiply by eating a variety of foods that contain a lot of high vitamin D.

So here are some types of foods that contain high vitamin D.


Of course, it is familiar with this type of fish around us. Of course, we can easily consume sardines to meet the needs for vitamin D in our bodies. There are about 177 IU in one can of sardines (3.8 ounces).


Spinach is one type of vegetable that is high in vitamin D. In addition to containing vitamin D, spinach also contains calcium which is good for bone health. There are also other contents of spinach including vitamin A, iron and fibre that can meet your daily nutritional needs.

Egg yolks

Eggs are a type of side dish that is delicious to eat and usually used as an omelette as our daily side dish. The protein in eggs is high, which is usually found in egg whites. While the content of fat, minerals and vitamins will be a lot in the yolk. So for those of you who want to meet the needs of vitamins, especially vitamin D, then you can often consume egg yolks every day.


Cheese is one of the best dairy products that contain a lot of calcium and vitamin D that the body needs. You can apply fresh bread with cheese on the inside, which is enough to meet your daily vitamin D needs. But do not forget not to eat cheese as often as possible, because the adverse effects can have an impact on the increase in your body weight.


Oatmeal is one type of food fortified with vitamin D. About half a cup of oatmeal can contain at least 50-140 IU. So if you do not like to eat rice, then you can just consume oatmeal to make your stomach full and can also get the vitamin D that the body needs.


Another vitamin D food is yoghurt. Yoghurt is very suitable to be eaten while relaxing and this type of food contains calcium and vitamin D that can meet your daily needs. In addition to nutrients that can be fulfilled properly if you eat yoghurt, then another benefit is that you can avoid osteoporosis.

Another way able to get vitamin D intake in addition to consuming various types of cuisine is to bask in the warm morning sun. The time between 7 and 9 a.m. is the best time to get vitamin D from the warm morning sun.

So that’s some kind of food that can meet the needs of vitamin D in your body. Good luck.

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